Tuesday, May 16, 2023

35 Tips for Church Caring Ministries

Caring ministry programs may vary far and wide when it comes to the groups you tend to serve. There are innumerable ways to help the hurting or lost in their time of need and to truly be the “hands and feet” of God by actively serving with purpose. Here are some ideas for your group.

Caring for church family members facing a serious illness

 1. Send cards and encouragement often.

 2. Plan to clean the house or do yard maintenance.

 3. Organize hospital or home visits to brighten a   person’s day!

 4. Create a basket of small individually wrapped gifts so the recipient will have a basket of cheer they can go to whenever they need a lift.

 5. Write scripture or encouragement in sidewalk chalk on the driveway or sidewalk.

Caring for local community needs

 6. Organize a food drive for a local non-profit that feeds the hungry.

 7. Collect clothing or other needs with a donation-based sign up. See example.

 8. Gather a group to volunteer monthly in your community.

 9. Organize a book drive for an underprivileged school.

 10. Organize a sports equipment drive for an underfunded athletic association.

Caring by supporting world missions

 11. Plan a mission trip

 12. Participate in a run/walk/ride event to raise money to fight hunger or provide clean water to impoverished countries.

 13. Sponsor a child through a reputable agency to provide funds for school, nutrition, or housing.

 14. Find out your church's sponsored overseas missionaries and send them a care package.

 15. Have a world mission focus as part of your church's VBS and raise money for a particular project or item needed.

 Caring through prayer

 16. Hold prayer vigils for those in your church family who need extra support.

 17. Organize a 24 Hours of Prayer event

 18. Email a daily/weekly prayer and ask others to join you in praying it.

 19. Communicate specific prayer needs regularly.

 20. Organize a prayer chain to take action on urgent prayer needs.

Caring for those in recovery

 21. Organize a meal schedule

 22. Plan some fun outings or plan one at home.

 23. Coordinate friends to drive a patient to attend treatment.

 24. Plan a movie night - bring some friends and popcorn.

 25. Stock the pantry/refrigerator.

Caring for those in financial crisis

 26. Hold monthly or weekly meetings and have financial counselors come and give advice.

 27. For those suffering from job loss, coordinate a list of mentors and match up those who could help one another.

 28. Offer financial planning classes at your church.

 29. Post a list of money saving blogs that help with couponing and discounts.

 30. Initiate a church fund that helps families with urgent needs.  This can be used to pay utility bills, grocery bills, etc.

Caring for those who are grieving

 31. Bring the family meals.

 32. Send cards to families who are grieving.

 33. Schedule a fundraiser to benefit a cause that means a lot to the family.

 34. Plant a tree or flower in memory of loved ones lost each month.

 35. Keep a library of resources to support those who are grieving, like books, a list of local support groups, or links to websites that offer support and encouragement.

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