Thursday, April 20, 2023

Believing In the Cause

By Marie Parma

Several years ago I had the privilege of watching my grandson develop an interest

in running. He entered several “fun” races…one or two miles…and had done quite well.

Then he decided to enter a 2 mile run to benefit the local Boys and Girls Clubs in the


It was quite exciting to hear him talk about his strategy for the race…about setting

a pace and maintaining it. It was even more thrilling to watch him as they began the run

and then to see him round the bend in the road and race toward the finish line! He was

first in his age division and eleventh overall with a time of 15:16…that’s a 7:38 mile! I

can tell you all about being a proud grandmother when he received his medal!

As proud as I was of my grandson, I was even more inspired by another person in

the race that day. His time was a little over 54 minutes for the 2 miles. He finished last.

He was 89 years old and walked with a cane. It was the first race he had ever entered.

When asked why he participated in the event, he simply said, “I believe in the cause.”

What a statement – I BELIEVE IN THE CAUSE. It didn’t matter where he placed in

relationship to others. He was faithful to complete the race because he believed in the


For many years I have been involved in ministry…a ministry of caring for the

congregation by lay people. The concept of the ministry is simple: PACE - Prayer,

Availability, Contact, Example. Over the years I have seen lives touched and changed as

ordinary people reach out with the love of Christ as we pray, make ourselves available,

contact regularly and be an example of love with skin on to them. That is “believing in

the cause”---the cause of Christ.

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