Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Lay Pastors Ministry, INC Website Lives Again

 Lay Pastors Ministry, INC (LPMI) was founded nearly 40 years ago by the Rev. Melvin Steinbron to encourage and equip lay people for caring ministry. Two books were published - "Can the Pastor Do it Alone" and "The Lay Driven Church." These two texts formed the core material for training lay people in this particular structure of caring in the church. 

We had a very vibrant web presence until about 5 years ago when the Director of Ministry Operations, Else Rodland, died unexpectedly. We are in the process of rebuilding the web-presence and continuing to provide resources for lay caring ministries. 

Members of the LPMI Board are:

  • The Rev. Neil Epler, President
  • The Rev. Lee Zehmer, Vice-President and Treasurer
  • The Rev. Tom Corbell, President Emeritus
  • Marianne  Weigman, Secretary
  • Marie Parma

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